So, you’re finally ready to stop smoking. But which method will be ideal for you? Do you want to try the nicotine patch? Would it be easier for you to chew nicotine gum until you know you don’t have the desire to smoke anymore? There are some ways to quit smoking, but you’ll need to explore your personality and lifestyle to choose the method that will be the most effective.

Strategies to quit smoking

Write down all the benefits of stopping smokingsmdkdkksdksdknvknsdvknksdvnsdv

One of the first tips on how to quit smoking is to write down all the benefits of quitting the habit. This will help you to think about all the ways that your life has been negatively affected by smoking. For instance, you’ll be saving money since you won’t be buying cartons or packs of cigarettes. You’ll also feel healthier, which means you’ll be less likely to feel anxious, depressed or fatigued as a result of smoking cigarettes. Smoking also makes your breath smell and gives your clothes and skin a foul odor.


When seeking to stop smoking, you know that you will have cravings. Therefore, you need to be prepared so when the forces arise; you do not cave in. For this, you might be certain always to carry a pack of gum with you, again, use your list of reasons for stopping smoking and begin to pay attention to the reasons you are feeling the need for a cigarette.

Get hints on how to quit smoking from a health care provider

Don’t forget to geknkdsnknkdnvknksdnknvknfdkvnkdfvt hints on how to quit smoking from a health care provider also. When you reach a decision to stop smoking, you need to schedule a visit with your health care provider. Your doctor can give you the emotional and nutritional support that you will need until you no longer have a desire to smoke. A checkup will also disclose any diseases that you have as a result of smoking. Accordingly, you can be working toward curing health issues while you quit smoking.

Tell as many people as possible about your desire to quit Smoking

Other ways to stop smoking include telling as many individuals as possible about your desire to quit. This way, you can be accountable to more than one person. When some people know that you are trying to quit smoking, you won’t be able to be in certain social situations and smoke anymore. You’ll also think twice about smoking around your friends that smoke since you know, that word will get back to the people that know you’re trying to quit. If your family or loved ones have been trying to get you to stop smoking for some time, it may also be a good idea to create a contract.

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