In more recent times, the number of individuals being diagnosed with food-related disorders has been on the rise in an alarming rate. Some are driven to it by the mere fact that they want to gain some weight, while others want to slim. For those who want to be thin and end up developing food-related disorders, it is important to know that being thin is not healthy more especially if you are using unorthodox means to achieve it.

Having said that, it is important that everyone learns of the most common food-related disorders, the dangers that they come with as this is important for not only their own safety but that of their entire family. Here are some of the most common food-related disorders that everyone should be aware of.

Food-related disorders that everyone should know

Anorexia Nervosa

fdgdfgdfgdfgfghfghThis is one of the most common food disorder in the world currently. Most recent research carried out shows that at least 1 out of 100 teenage girls is suffering from this food disorder. It has affected mostly young people more especially those of the female gender. This condition can be defined as the addition of not eating food.

When one has this disorder, the addiction can be likened to that which one has, when they are addicted either to drugs or alcohol. It is very difficult to get out of this disorder since there is a possibility of relapsing into it even when you want to do away with it. When you have this disorder, it is advisable that you seek medical attention early.

Bulimia nervosa

This is a food disorder that is characterized by binge and purge cycles. When you develop a thought on bulimic, then one automatically thinks of self-induced vomiting that leads to purging. While vomiting is the most common ways that one can achieve a purge, there are other ways that one can achieve it that include enemas and diuretics. Additionally, when you have this type of food disorder, there is a time that you can even over exercise so that you can achieve the vomiting. When one knows that they have this food disorder, they will do anything possible to hide it since they know that the disorder is frowned upon.

Night eating syndrome

gdgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgThis is a relatively new food-related disorder. Those who are suffering from the night eating food disorder, are usually obese. The major characteristic that will show that one is suffering from this food disorder is that the affected individual will eat less or nothing at all during the day, while they consume most of their calories at night. When one has this food disorder, they will suffer from insomnia, or they will just wake up at night so that they can indulge in food. Most of the people who have this disorder are secretive.

Binge eating disorder

This can be seen as the most common food-related disorder. One outstanding characteristic of people suffering from this disorder is that they do not have the love for food that these other people have. Those who have this food disorder are generally ashamed not only of their bodies but also their eating habits.

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